Test Info

Treasure Bull Test Sale

April 16, 2024

Western Livestock Auction

Great Falls, MT

Treasure Bull Test (TBT) Consignment Rules

~ Eligible breed will be Registered Black Angus.

~ Bulls must be born between 1/1/2022 and 4/1/2022

~ Bulls must be weaned at a minimum of three weeks prior to test arrival. Having them bunk broke and started to a supplemental feed is recommended.

~ Bulls must be preconditioned prior to test arrival. Three to six weeks prior to weaning is highly recommended along with boosters depending on length of wean. An internal and external parasite control program is also recommended. If your current vaccination program allows, TBT recommends modified live vaccines. Consult your veterinarian to discuss your program and read all vaccine labels before implementing any modified live program.

~ Bulls must have legible tattoos or number brands that match the registration papers. Original registration papers that are signed must accompany bull to the test. Bulls are not eligible for sale unless registration papers are given to TBT.

~ Genetic carriers (AM, NH, CA, OS, M1, and DD) are ineligible. Genetic carriers (OH) are eligible, no requirement for testing. All bulls must be tested prior to arrival to test. NO EXCEPTIONS!

~ All bulls MUST be genomically tested for Parentage Verification. ONCE AGAIN, NO EXCEPTIONS! 50K testing is optional for the consignor, but highly recommended by TBT.

~ Brand inspections are required unless cattle reside in Cascade Co. Bulls must meet Montana health entrance requirements if from out of state. Health certificates and brand inspections must accompany bulls at test arrival.


The test will be located at Muddy Creek Farm Yard, LLC (MCFY) in Vaughn, MT. The lot is located at 279 US Hwy 89 Vaughn, MT under the management of Matthew Otto.

~ The bulls will be fed a high roughage ration of protein, highly digestible fiber, chelated mineral supplement, vitamins and corn as an energy source developed by MCFY and MCFY’s nutritionist to gain 3 lbs. per head per day.

~ Receiving dates for bulls will be November 1 to November 10, 2022 at MCFY. TBT can help assist and coordinate with transportation arrangements to MCFY. Consignors must coordinate with TBT receiving date and time.


~ TBT is a 112-day performance test measuring ADG and WDA. Weights will be taken at 56 and 112 days for indexes and ratios.

~ TBT Index will be measured by nursing ratio, yearling ratio, and gain ratio (NR 1/3, YR 1/3 and GR 1/3). Bulls will be sold in order of their TBT Index.

~ The nursing ratio will have a max of 115. Embryo transfer calves and twins will use the dam’s average wean ratio for calculations in the TBT Index.

~ All bulls must pass a Breeding Soundness Exam (Structural Soundness, Scrotal Measurement, Semen Evaluation) by a veterinarian. They must also have an actual scrotal circumference of at least 32 cm.

~ TBT has the right to refuse entry or remove from the test any bull that is deemed unacceptable for health, soundness, structural issues, feet issues, disposition, performance, scurs, etc.

~ The goal of the TBT is to provide high quality performance tested “Cowboy Kind“ Black Angus Bulls. TBT feels “Cowboy Kind” are bulls that are athletic, masculine, long sided, deep middled, and heavily muscled that stand on a thick stifle, lots of bone and have solid, sound feet.

~ Space is limited. Call or email to check test availability.